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2022-2023 BBLZ Executive Board Members

President Tara Batchelor and Mark Belew

Vice President Dina Maddern

Treasurer Kathleen Taylor

Finance Wilkenson Chua

Secretary Stephanie King

Band Director Josh Thompson

Asst. Band Director Sheri Conover

Class Representative of 2023 Hilary Winiarz

Class Representative of 2024 Open

Class Representative of 2025 Emily Ulbert

Class Representative of 2026 Deana Segreti

Event Chairpersons


Web Site Dina Maddern

Student Accounts Tammy Krzeminski

Videography Trevor Lang

BBLZ emails Dina Maddern

Program Ads Wilkenson Chua

Marching Band

Uniforms Tara Batchelor (+5 Open)

Camp Coordinator Cindy Malin (+Shadow)

Color Guard Ruthie Thompson

Middle School Night Cindy Malin

Half-time Announcer Paul Herzog

Music Ensembles

Uniforms Mark Belew/Hilary Winairz

WE Invitational Dina Maddern/Rebecca Kiel

Concert Hospitality Tammy Krzeminski/Stephanie King

Jazz Band Hospitality Sally Stall (+2 open)


Car Wash Mark Belew (+Open)

Jazz by the Lake Committee Open

Spirit Wear Roxy Cznarik

Poinsettias Tara Batchelor/Liesl Kochkanny

+MSN-Dawn Marks, MSS-Tammy Krzeminski, LZHS-Jill Polites, Shadow-Katie Thill

Gift Cards (RaiseRight) Wilkenson Chua (+1 Open)

Trivia Game Night Hilary Winairz

Cheesecake & Coffee Shreya Bhagath/Jenn Kuntz

+Dina Maddern (+1 open)

Flock A Friend not in 2022-2023

Buzz Book not in 2022-2023


Treasurer Form

Requests must have a correctly filled out BBLZ Treasurer form (or use our Word Doc Form). BBLZ can only issue a reimbursement with an approved budget category. Click on the form to download. Contact the Treasurer with questions.


Committee Recaps

Description of events and responsibilities