See below for some common questions and answers that will be helpful, especially for the ‘first-year’ band parents!

Q: What does ‘call time’ mean?

A: Call time is when your band student needs to be dressed and ready to go! Call time for a football game means band members should have their marching band uniforms on and ready to practice, not just arriving at LZHS. Call time for the first game is 5:00 pm; all other games are 5:30 pm

Q: What should my child wear under their marching band uniform?

A: All students should wear long black socks, their marching band t-shirt that they were given at band camp, nylon shorts / under armor in cold weather (no jeans or sweats), and marching band shoes. Their uniform, hatbox, and white gloves will be kept at LZHS in the uniform room. If they return to play as the pep band, a change of clothes (weather appropriate) is recommended.

Q: What happens if my child forgets one of the above-listed items for a football game?

A: All of the above-listed items can be ‘rented’ for a game for a price. Black socks – $3 / white gloves – $2 / marching shoes – $5 / t-shirt – $5. All students will be given NEW white gloves at the beginning of the marching band season. It is up to each student to keep track of their gloves. It is easiest to keep them in their hatbox so they are with the rest of their uniform.

Q: How do I find out what my student has in their band account?

A: Email to get your student’s current balance. Or go to the Volunteer's page for the name and email.

Q: What is the football schedule, and how to purchase tickets to watch my band student(s)?

A: View the schedule HERE to plan your Friday nights. To purchase LZHS Football tickets, go to the GoFan website or app. Tickets are delivered electronically. Parents need to have tickets to enter the stadium. 2022 Home games are:

Friday, August 26th Friday, September 9th Friday, September 16th Friday, October 14th

Playoff Game - Friday, October 28th

Q: What is the evening marching practice rehearsal schedule and times?

A: Evening rehearsal dates and times are included in the Band Calendar under "News" from Mr. Thompson

Marching Band Ins and Outs

It’s a time of new beginnings, excitement, and fun; however, it also can be a bit overwhelming if you’re not familiar with the ins and outs of the season. So, if you’re a new band parent, here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • During the regular football season, the band only plays at home games.

  • The games usually start at 7:00, but band members are expected to be dressed and ready to practice in the band room much earlier. They’ll be informed of this “call time” before each game.

  • Band uniforms are stored at the school in a storage room near the band room.

  • Band members should come to the band room wearing athletic shorts, their band tee shirt, long black socks, and their marching shoes. (Quite the fashion statement.) They’ll then put on their uniforms over their shorts and tees. Their gloves, hats, and plumes are also stored at the school in their hat boxes. Band members with long hair must put their hair in a ponytail and tuck it under their hat.

  • If they’re missing a uniform component of their uniform, they’ll have to pay a fee to rent it for that game.

  • Dressed in uniform, they perform a pre-game show and a half-time show and then head back to the band room to change into casual clothes to participate in the pep band during the 4th quarter.

  • Typically, there’s a student dress-up theme of the week, which pep band members follow e.g., dress up like the '80s, white-out, or in business attire, etc. Band members will be informed of the theme earlier in the week.

  • When you attend a game, you’ll have to purchase a ticket. Your band member, however, gets in free.

  • The marching band will practice every day during school, but they also practice a weeknight during marching band season from 7:00 – 9:00. The dates are in the Band Calendar (under News)

  • The 7:00 start time means the time that they’re on the football field ready to practice. They wear casual clothes and athletic shoes, and have their instruments, lyres, and music. As the fall progresses, outdoor night practices can get chilly, so make sure your band student has dressed accordingly.

  • One Saturday each year, the band is bussed to Evanston to march on Northwestern University’s (NU) field along with other high school bands and the NU collegiate band. It’s a beautiful sight to see all of the various band colors march onto the field and listen to hundreds of band students play in unison. If you’d like to attend this game, you’ll have the opportunity to purchase tickets. Band members get in for free. More details will be sent our way from Mr. Thompson as the date approaches. WARNING - Ryan Field does not take cash. Your student will need a debit/credit card to purchase food for the day. Alternatively, make arrangements with a friend to give them cash to use their debit/credit card.

  • The regular marching band season concludes with the spirited Band-O-Rama concert held indoors at the high school. Band-O-Rama is the best of both worlds in that parents can watch their uniformed kids perform the lively marching band tunes and wacky band dance up close and personal yet in the comfort of the school auditorium. Flags are twirling, drums are banging, and horns are blaring to celebrate another fun and successful marching band season.