2023 LA Trip

LZHS Marching Band and Orchestra will be traveling to Los Angeles, CA during Spring Break 2023. Information will be posted here for parents.

Mr. Thompson's Information folder

Information meeting - September 22 @ 6:00pm ~30 minutes

meet in the Band Room

Frequently Asked Questions

When do I need to sign up to join the trip? Register by October 7th.

How do I sign up to chaperone? Contact Mr. Thompson to indicate your interest.

Where do I find information on the trip? Mr. Thompson shared a Google drive with three documents via email. They are available on the BBLZ website (www.lakezurichbandboosters.com) under Events then 2023 LA Trip. Additionally, QR codes on the band room doors will link to Google drive with the documents.

Is there another trip if we do not attend this one? The Band takes a trip every three years. Freshmen are the only class that may be able to join another trip.

How do I use my student account money for the trip? Contact Mr. Thompson to indicate your interest in applying your student account funds for the trip. Share how much of your balance you would like to use (i.e., all of it, or $500). Towards the last payment schedule, the funds in your account will be applied to the trip payment (near January/February).

How do I find out how much is in my student account? Send a note to studentaccounts@lakezurichbandboosters.com with your student’s name and request. The email is also available on the BBLZ website (www.lakezurichbandboosters.com) under the Volunteer’s page. You will receive a reply with the current balance. Balances are adjusted as fundraisers are completed (e.g., Poinsettias) or monthly if using RaiseRight, a gift card rebate program.

How many students are in a hotel room, and how are they assigned? Each room will have four students. Signups will be in the band room for students to indicate preferences for roommates.

Can I room with someone from Orchestra? First, please make sure Mr. S and Mr. Thompson know your request. Then use the signup forms.

What is the Band wearing during the trip? Band students will be using their Marching uniforms during specific events. Students will be responsible for packing their uniform jackets, pants, gloves, marching shoes, hats, and plumes in their suitcases. Hat boxes will not be taken.

What music is the Band playing? Music selections will be the same as the Thanksgiving Day parade. Music will be memorized.

How will instruments get to LA? Most instruments will be taken on the plane as a carryon (e.g., flute, clarinet). Other larger instruments are being reviewed for alternative arrangements (e.g., bari saxophones, percussion). Further details will be shared once known.

How will students get to the airport? Coach buses will travel to and from the HS and the airport. Registered parents and families will also be transported in the same method.

Can families join? Yes, families of the Band can join the trip. They will be provided the same events, meals, and transportation. However, if you decide to venture on your own and skip events, you are responsible for your transportation, meals, and entertainment.

What if we’d like to spend extra days in LA before/after the scheduled days? Contact Mr. Thompson to confirm details. You may be responsible for your tickets and transportation.

Can I leave my car in the PAC parking lot? Yes, due to it being Spring Break. Your car’s make, model, and license plate will need to be shared with HS security. Details on this will be provided once known.

Will band students play with the Orchestra in Symphonic Orchestra? A decision is pending on the final literary and which instruments are available on the trip. Details will be shared once known.